Paris-founded startup PandaScore, which provides the fast-growing esports entertainment industry with real-time AI-powered statistics, has raised €5 million in a funding round led by V13 Invest, with prior backer Alven participating alongside sports tech investor KB Partners and aXiomatic Gaming.

Collecting data from ongoing esports matches, PandaScore uses its AI tech to sift out and examine the most useful pieces of information as it happens. Esports broadcasters can in turn this data – supplied via an API – to give their audiences a ‘richer and more fun experience’.

Of course, it also helps betting traders to set better odds. Worth noting: the lead investor in this round, V13 Invest, is a VC fund from FDJ – the second largest Lottery in Europe – that is currently managed by Serena.

“Esports’ explosive growth is dependent on better data,” said PandaScore founder and CEO Flavien Guillocheau. “Better data lets media companies broadcast more engaging content, bookmakers offer better esports products, and teams and tournaments capture more lucrative sponsoring money. Data is the fuel that powers the esports community and we’re proud to be supplying that fuel.”

The company says it will use the new funding to expand the team and esports title coverage.

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