Finnish startup Fuzu, a mobile-first platform for career development, recruitment and learning, has received €1.8 million from FinnFund. The funding will go toward business development and expansion in emerging markets in Africa and Asia.

Fuzu gives users personalized recommendations about their career path. Users can explore related career opportunities, set career goals, receive training, hone their social skills, and apply for jobs in one place.

With the funding, Fuzu specifically plans to expand its operations in Kenya, where it currently has roughly 180,000 users, as well as other African countries. CEO Jussi Hinkkanen says the company’s vision is to “provide hope to millions of users with a digital service that continuously encourages them to fulfill their potential and prepare for alternative career paths, from formal employment to entrepreneurship and self-employment.”

Fuzu is based in Helsinki and has a presence in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Read more: FinnFund (press release)


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