Homeday, a Berlin-based online real estate agent, has secured a €20 million funding round from the VC firm Project A, the publishing house Axel Springer, and the British digital real estate platform Purplebricks. This funding round coincides with a larger deal, in which Purplebricks and Axel Springer are looking to purchase a 25.9 percent stake in Homeday for €25.4 million.

“The €20 million […] represents the direct investment of Project A, Axel Springer, and Purplebricks in Homeday,” a spokesperson for the startup told Tech.eu. “The remaining amount relates to the buyout of old investors. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed information on the exact structure of Homeday’s financing.”

Founded in 2015, Homeday states that it has brokered more than €1 billion’s worth of real estate deals in Germany. It offers local realtors a platform for matching with property owners and streamlining the selling process.

Homeday expects to leverage the expertise of Purplebricks, which is active in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia to further develop its product. The company hasn’t announced any definitive geographic expansion plans yet.

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