France’s HABX raises €10 million for its digital home design solution

Digital home designing startup HABX has announced a funding round of €10 million from Xange, Idinvest, and a number of business angels.

The French startup is a property tech, or proptech, company, which is an continuously growing market. Launched last year, HABX’s solution allows people to digitally design their homes before construction. It is operating in 20 locations around France, designing about 1,200 homes.

The new funds will be invested in expanding further around France and eventually internationally in 2019 and plans to grow its employee numbers from 44 to 80 this year.

According to figures cited by the startup, 72% of housing in France is out of sync with the design tastes of the people living there. HABX’s solution places the homeowner at the centre of the design process with more optimised pricing, said Mathias Flattin, investment manager at Xange.

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