Helsinki-based HappySignals raises €4.7 million for platform that helps employees adopt new tech


Helsinki-based HappySignals, an employee engagement platform designed to guide teams through digital transformation, has raised €4.7 million in Series A round led by Nauta Capital, with participation from Vendep Capital. The company, which has raised €6.2 million to date, will scale operations in Europe and the US with hopes of helping enterprise leaders build “happy, productive cultures.”

For an enterprise company, adopting new technology is only worth it if the workforce uses it — and uses it correctly. HappySignals helps employees navigate and adapt to new IT implemented across the organisation, making the digital transition a smooth one that keeps everyone on board. The startup says its customers report a 26 percent reduction in time lost to IT-related issues.

The Nordic startup also says its experience management platform, which has been used by over two million employees across 130 countries, helps track Experience Level Agreements (XLAs). XLAs have to with service performance (and user enjoyment!) rather than service availability, like the more common SLAs.

Photo of HappySignals co-founders from left to right: Pasi Nikkanen, Sami Aarnio and Sami Kallio

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