Israeli startup Cervello raises $4.5 million in seed round to protect railways from cyberattacks

Stealth-mode Cervello has secured $4.5 million in funding for developing railway cybersecurity solutions and expanding into international markets. Investors include venture capital firms North First Ventures and Awz Ventures, along with the founder of Comsec Group, Nissim Bar-El.

Founded in 2017 by veterans of the Israel Defence Forces’ elite Technology and Intelligence units, Roie Onn, Shaked Kafzan, and Nadav Avidan, Cervello aims at protecting railways against cyber threats to their signalling systems and operation.

“As operators further digitise their infrastructures, the railway industry is adopting an active approach towards both the security of its critical systems and international compliance,” Roie Onn, Cervello’s CEO, said.

An alarming railway-hacking trend in recent years may lead to catastrophes such as trains derailment, taking over trains for ransom, and publicly embarrassing operators. Cervello’s deep technology creates a proactive coverage of the critical assets, securing the core of the rail operation and safety measures, by delivering live network status and notifications of any cyber activity in the operator’s signalling system.

“The Cervello Dashboard provides operators with full visibility of their railway signalling systems and critical assets and alerts on cyber incidents in the day-to-day operation,” Roie Onn added. 

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