Italian crypto exchange Young Platform raises €3.5 million, aims to educate a new generation of investors

Hailing from Turin, crypto exchange Young Platform has raised €3.5 million in a new funding round. Before you jump to, “another crypto exchange?” Young Platform is targeting, you might have guessed, a younger generation of investors and is placing heavy emphasis on not only simplifying access to the world of cryptocurrencies but more importantly education, comprehension, and sound management of digital assets. Founded in 2018 by University of Turin students Andrea Ferrero, Alexandru Stefan Gheban, Samuele Raimondo, Andrea Carollo, Marco Ciarmoli, and Daniele Rinaldi, Young Platform is addressing the education and usage of crypto exchanges via three product offerings. Stepdrop (think of it as grade school) is a gamified app that introduces would-be traders to the world of digital currencies. Young Platform (university) is an exchanged for beginners, and Young Platform Pro (post-doctoral studies) is targeting professional traders and Investors. Looking beyond just what’s right in front of them, Young Platform is working hand in hand with Italian regulators to help shape the future of the country’s place in the digital asset world. And while not specifically mentioned, this author would harbour a guess that the Young Platform founders are watching and analysing the Pro offering quite closely as the firm reports working on a B2B2C product that will target institutional players such as banks, challenger banks, and financial entities interested in extending their package of services. The funding round was led by Milan’s United Ventures and saw participation from family office Ithaca Investments, Accel scout Luca Ascani, Max Ciociola, and Pietro Invernizzi.
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