Berlin’s Jobspotting uses big data to help employers find and hire the most relevant people

Berlin-based Jobspotting is today adding several nifty new features to its platform, which helps job seekers to discover relevant positions in 9 countries and counting.

Founded by a couple of ex-Googlers and backed by the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator and Horizons Ventures, the company is today debuting a new analytics tool for employers.

In essence, the new features should make it easier for employers to attract relevant candidates, using a dashboard that draws from data about more than 200,000 companies and their recruitment activities. It gives, Jobspotting COO Robin Haak claimed in a phone interview, employers an edge by providing unparalleled insights into how their job postings perform compared to their peers and competitors.

By analysing performance based on actual (albeit anonymised) data, employers can optimise their recruitment efforts, saving them both time and money, Haak said.

The online recruitment market is a very competitive one dominated by a few large players and a plethora of smaller local ventures, so it's an uphill battle for Jobspotting. The company is betting that a focus on big data analytics and partnering with third parties will increase its chances.

Jobspotting has been testing the new tools and platform with companies like Airbnb, Deloitte and IBM, and is gradually rolling out the feature while expanding to new countries and support for additional languages.

Companies can now 'claim' their Jobspotting profiles, customise them and expand upon the data already aggregated by the startup. Employers are able to link directly to their vacancies and monitor engagement through Jobspotting, while job seekers can follow these company pages to receive regular updates about the potential employer and new job openings.

In other news, Bloomberg reported today that Jobspotting is actively talking to investors for additional capital.

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