London’s online learning platform Scoodle raises $2 million in seed round

London-based online learning platform Scoodle has raised $2 million in s a seed round from Google for Startups, IFG, and DA One Investment. Scoodle is reporting that the funding will be used to build out a network of tutor influencers.

Founded in 2016 by Ismail Jeilani, Scoodle is an online learning platform that connects students with tutors. The platform is made for tutors, by tutors, and offers 0% commission on bookings made.

With a content-driven approach, tutors use profiles to demonstrate their knowledge to students before a booking is made, with a newly launched video platform adding to the “is this the tutor for me?” factor.

Needless to say, the pandemic saw online education platforms shoot through the roof, with Scoodle being no exception. The platform saw 70% of their bookings shift online, and reports a 10x monthly growth rate.

“Everybody has something they want to learn, and something they can teach. We’re bringing them together,” explains Jeilani. “We’re building a world where an Arabic expert living in Egypt can create classes or share answers with students from around the world.”

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