Æternity co-founder Nikola Stojanow is launching Meta Change Capital (MCC), a €100 million VC fund focused on blockchain. Still securing investors, the London-based fund is led by AE Ventures and will close its first round in Q4 of this year.

“I see the largest potential and supply of talent await in countries where blockchain is a tenfold leap to existing infrastructure that is crumbling, nonexistent or old,” said Stojanow. “MCC’s will focus on underdeveloped parts of Europe, MENA, Asia, Africa, especially parts where the capital will have significant impact.” 

Stojanow is already both an entrepreneur and investor in the global blockchain sector. Launched in Lichtenstein in 2016, blockchain platform Æternity reached unicorn status in 2018. In the meantime in Sofia, Stojanow founded AE Ventures, an investment arm for startups building with æternity blockchain. The Bulgarian firm has invested in over 20 early-stage startups through Starfleet, its decentralized acceleration program with editions in Europe and India.

MCC, on the other hand, will work agnostically with all next generation blockchains, investing in Series A rounds and beyond. Joining Stojanow at the help is Luka Sucic, former Head of Investments and Acceleration at AE Ventures.

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