Jelbi, a multimodal transportation app powered by Lithuanian startup Trafi, goes live in Berlin today, almost four months after the initial announcement.

The pilot version of the app, which is there to become a one-stop shop for all things transportation in Berlin, includes integrations with BVG (public transport), DB (German railways), Nextbike (bike sharing), Emmy (e-scooter sharing), and Miles (car-sharing). Trafi said in a statement that 25 private transport providers are interested in joining the service.

By the end of the summer, Jelbi will also include ride-sharing shuttles by BerlKönig (a joint effort of BVG and ViaVan), and soon after that Taxi Berlin will be integrated. In addition to that, Berlin’s e-scooter startup Tier is next in line, provided the city authorities will finalise the regulations for this means of transportation.

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