Nauta Capital wants to invest up to £250,000 in pre-seed deeptech startups
London-born VC firm Nauta Capital that invests in lean B2B software companies has launched a new initiative to invest £100,000 to £250,000 in a dozen of pre-seed deeptech startups. Dubbed Nauta Labs, the programme is now open for applications for B2B startups from across Europe. In an announcement, Nauta said that it was “inspired by the scarcity of capital available for pre-seed and pre-revenue B2B deeptech companies,” which led to the creation of Nauta Labs. The programme will see the firm investing in 12 to 16 startups across a range of verticals, including cybersecurity, quantum technologies, advanced AI/ML, commercial open-source software, and developer tools. Nauta Capital’s venture partner Pratima Aiyagari (in the photo) will lead the initiative. Already before the official launch, Nauta Labs has invested in “several startups ranging from cybersecurity, network management to open source,” the firm said in an announcement. In the meantime, Nauta Capital says it's keeping its focus on seed to Series A B2B software startups, in which it's currently investing from the €120-million Nauta Tech Invest V fund. The firm operates out of its three hubs in London, Barcelona, and Berlin. It's made more than 60 investments to date and had more than 10 exits, including the recently announced acquisition of Holded by Visma.
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