Danish agritech startup Nordetect gets funding for on-the-spot chemical testing kit that measures farm fertility

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Nordetect, a chemical analysis company based out of Copenhagen, has closed a funding round with Rockstart, PreSeed Ventures, SOSV, and Luminate Venture Corp.

The Danish startup has developed a “Lab-on-a-Chip” for the agricultural industry, enabling quick chemical analysis on the spot. Using Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Kalium (or NPK), Nordetect’s nanosensors cover all nutrient types and test soil, leaf samples, manure, water and other organic materials. A GPS feature helps farmers track the locations of these samples, providing an overview of where the land might be more or less fertile.

The device and test kits are supplemented with a software platform, which integrates with farm management software that is already on the market, including Excel.

“Optimizing the use of chemistry (fertilizer, pesticides, etc.) in agriculture has been a core focus since our inception. The new funding enables us to get our rapid chemical analysis product closer to market and serve customers in Denmark and the Netherlands” said Keenan Pinto, the company’s CEO.

Founded in 2016, the biochemical startup has previously raised a seed round and convertible notes, never disclosing financing amounts.

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