German logistics startup Schüttflix raises €8 million for on-demand delivery of construction materials


German logistics startup Schüttflix, touted as “Uber for the construction industry”, has raised €8 million in a funding round led by Speedinvest, with support from the startup’s own founders.

The B2B platform is an ordering and delivery marketplace for the bulk goods, materials such as sand and gravel. In a press release, Schüttflix says the market for such materials is  nearly €50 billion in Germany alone, but the industry is fragmented and intransparent.

The app connects material producers and freight forwarders with customers from different construction sectors, such as building, civil engineering, and landscaping. Then the ordered materials are delivered as soon as possible, thanks to 900 partners and 2,000 vehicles. For example, orders in North Rhine-Westphalia can be filled within four hours, the startup claims.

Founded last year, the company says it is generating €500,000 in sales per month from serving three regions of Germany. The new investment will be used to scale the company across the whole country this year, before expanding internationally in 2021.

Photo: Co-founders Thomas Hagedorn and Christian Hülsewig

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