Serbian agtech startup agremo raises $600,000 to enhance its ‘precision agriculture platform’

Belgrade-based Agremo, the creator of an agricultural sensing and imagery analysis platform for drone and remote sensing operators, has raised $600,000 in a round led by South Central Ventures and joined by Startlabs.

Agremo essentially offers a cloud-based software platform for agribusinesses, crop growers and anyone interested in crop and land status and health, drawing analytics from aerial imagery by leveraging computer vision and machine learning technologies.

This allows their clients to count plants, detect diseases, weed and pest problems, water stress, and more. Ultimately, the technology is meant to help them achieve sustainable production, improved yields and lower production costs.

Agremo was founded in 2015 by Milan Dobrota (CEO), Rastko Čarapić (COO) and Nebojša Pavičić (CTO) and has since analysed over 100,000 hectares of arable land for their users in more than 100 countries.

The funding will serve to grow the team and expand the scope for its technology.

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