French SimpliField raises $4 million to save brick & mortar retail

French SimpliField, which aims to "rebuild the future of retail" with its SaaS solution for shops, has raised $4 million in a seed round. The funding comes from Runa Capital, CapHorn, and 50 Partners Capital.

SimpliField helps retail businesses to improve the experiences of their customers by optimizing their field operations, in an era when online sales are climbing to the detriment of brick and mortar shops. The startup's technology allows businesses to collect and analyse data in their stores with a mobile app and web dashboard. Its mobile solution also provides sales teams with offline access to every guideline, operation, and report so that all employees can be on the same page.

“All retail players must become digital – this is essential to their survival," commented Runa Capital in a statement. "SimpliField solves this problem by offering a SaaS solution that allows retailers to accelerate productivity of their supply chains, increase sales and optimize field inspections, providing comprehensive services to global and regional retail HQs as well as store managers."

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