Sony to acquire Belgian image sensing startup Softkinetic

Sony is to acquire Softkinetic, the Belgian startup that develops image sensor technology. No sum has been disclosed.

Softkinetic has developed a “time of flight” (ToF) sensor technology, which measures the time a light takes to leave its source, reflect off an object, and return to the image sensor.

Sony says it will use Softkinetic’s ToF tech to create a new generation of image sensors. The company does not specify beyond that how Softkinetic will be used by Sony but it is likely to fit in with its virtual reality efforts as well as other hardware.

The Japanese electronics giant recently announced plans to separate its semiconductor arm to help grow its image sensor business following weak performances in the company’s other businesses.

(Editors note: We previously highlighted back in 2013 the possibility of Softkinetic being acquired, "...We have an eye squarely fixed on SoftKinetic for a potential future strategic purchase" and also included them in our article on The 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe.)

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