Dutch startup Stack raises $850,000 to reinvent the internet browser

Stack tech.eu

Amsterdam-based startup Stack wants to transform how we use the web with a tabless browser which it calls an ‘Internet OS’. What began as a side project in 2019 has now garnered a $850,000 seed investment from Peak Capital and 500Startups — and about 50,000 users. Stack will use the new funding to expand and serve enterprises, too.

CEO and founder George Laliashvili says the system’s radically different design “allows users to consume 3x more information while still remaining focused, in control, and productive.” No tabs means no (or less) distraction, as the user’s web experience is more streamlined and organised.

This summer, the Dutch startup joined 500Georgia and with promising traction in just a few months, the team was transferred from the regional 500 program to its flagship San Francisco accelerator.

Kate Seledets, a venture associate at 500, commented: “The Stack team is on its way to creating an easier way to be productive in the workday. As the pandemic drags on and more companies announce employees can work remotely permanently, it’s crucial to maintain productivity levels.”

Photo: the Stack team

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