Stacker, a startup founded by three British developers, has raised a £1 million seed round led by London VC Pentech and angel investor Charlie Songhurst. Stacker’s mission is to empower everyone to build their own apps, even if they can’t write a line of code, and this funding will bring its product to market.

As customers increasingly expect to interact with services via app, rather than email or telephone, companies are scrambling to provide, each attempting to build their own software from scratch. Stacker’s founders spotted the inefficiency and set about to solve it.

“We all saw these companies spending tens of thousands every month and taking six months to even launch a simple app,” said co-founder Michael Skelly. “We allow them to launch something in just a few minutes, for a tiny fraction of the cost.”

Co-founder Louis Barclay explains: “We tell this to everyone we meet: soon we’ll expect all businesses to be digital businesses – but that doesn’t mean they should all be writing their own software!”

That’s where Stacker comes in. Skelly claims that with their SaaS product, launching an app is “as easy as building with LEGO.” It works by intelligently building an app based on the company’s existing data. The company plans to release integrations with more popular products like Salesforce and Stripe early next year.

Although run by British developers, the company has no UK office or any headquarters at all. “We’re three founders, currently living on three different continents, and our team is split across five different countries,” explained co-founder Sam Davyson. “It means we hire the best, no matter where we are. It also gives us protection against Brexit!”

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