Lithuanian edtech startup Turing College launches new data science programme that promises well-paying jobs

Turing College

Turing College, a Lithuanian edtech startup determined to offer alternative digital skills training and assist people into the professional sphere, is opening up applications for a new data science curriculum.

Kicking off in October, the first class will include about 30 students. The students have the choice of full-time remote studies in six months, or a slower-paced, part-time programme, studying on the weekends for a full year.

Benas Šidlauskas, one of the co-founders of the College, says his organisation is one of the first in the Baltic region to offer the so-called Income Share Agreement (ISA). In this model, students don’t have to pay their tuition fees until they complete the course and, helped by a career planning specialist, find a job that suits their new skills and pays over €2,200 per month.

To organize this last point, the College is collaborating with tech companies in the Baltics, who will take on course graduates in mid-level to senior management positions. These future employers will also have a hand in the College’s selection process.

The Vilnius-based edtech company began in 2015 as a student community called the Turing Society, which sought to fill the digital skills gap with peer-to-peer coding workshops. Over the years, the training became more formal, expanded to kids under 19 under the Turing School, and ultimately the Turing College was founded in 2019. The College has raised €1.2 million in funding so far.

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