Crossing Borders

Welcome to Crossing Borders,’s new hub for everything to do with market expansion and internationalisation.

Expanding your startup into new markets is an exciting part of the growth process. Whether founders are looking at modest expansion into a neighbouring country, or have set their sights on cracking a major global economy, the logistics, rules, regulations, cultural differences, and scale of financial investment can be daunting.

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One-stop knowledge destination

Sure, there are huge amounts of data and research out there, but getting a handle on the expansion landscape and finding smart insights on foreign markets can be time-consuming and confusing — which is where Crossing Borders comes in.

Crossing Borders is the new home for every aspect of internationalisation. We’re here to support startups at all stages of their research, planning, and decision making as they get ready to launch in new markets.

Our goal, as an evergreen knowledge platform, is not only to empower startup founders with their eyes on fresh horizons, but also help investors who want to support their portfolio of startups and service providers in the startup ecosystem.

Whether with broad snapshot, or specific market questions, Crossing Borders is dedicated to helping startups figure out how to go global. We’re crunching data, digging into regulations, and squeezing useful information out of leaders who have been down the expansion road already.

Internationalisation from every angle

Crossing Borders brings together quantitative and qualitative analysis of the huge challenges and exciting opportunities of going international.

We’re putting our own treasure trove of research, analysis and data at your fingertips, creating essential resources for entrepreneurs, startup investors, and service providers.

Regular interviews with the leaders of superstar startups who have become global success stories will give you the inside scoop on their experiences, top tips, challenges, and insights of scaling internationally.

We’re pulling in case studies from a broad range of other places and pointing out resource lists, so startups can drill into details on a market-by-market basis.

You’ll find info on hiring talent in new markets — labour laws and salaries differ enormously — and insights on setting up R&D bases and local sales and marketing teams. We’re not forgetting data and research on consumer behaviour and cultural differences in your new international markets either!

Our expert on government policy and local regulations will be posting the latest news and helping you to unravel complicated regulations.

We will signpost the way to the latest information on national government institutions, and their startup programs for foreign startups.

Project lead: Jill Petzinger ([email protected])
Partnerships:  Natasa Lakovic Djukanovic ([email protected])