European Tech Funding Report for 2017: massive growth across the board, total EU tech funding up 52% YoY to €25 billion; 3,400 deals

For the past few years, the team has been meticulously keeping track of all funding and M&A deals involving European technology companies. Today, we’re releasing our report on tech financing in Europe and Israel, offering a comprehensive look at the state of investments in European tech companies in Q4 and full calendar year 2017.

The report is available for purchase here for just £150 (approximately €171).

Below are the main take-aways from the report, with a breakdown of what you can expect to find in the full report. Follow us on Twitter, where we share interesting tidbits from our research.

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As you can see, tracked just south of 3,400 deals across Europe, Russia, Turkey and Israel. All in all, European technology startups raised approximately €25 billion last year, more than ever, with ‘fintech’ and ‘health tech’ as the most popular verticals, alongside ‘food’, ‘transportation’ and ‘security’.

European tech companies thus raised €8.6 billion more in total annual funding last year compared to 2016, which was already a record year.

The most active investors in European technology firms were Bpifrance, Germany’s High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Kima Ventures (again).

Some highlights worth noting: the total number of deals went down slightly compared to 2016, but the investment volume has gone up across the board, particularly in the UK – where we tracked a 121% jump to €7.4 billion in investment volume compared to the previous year – and the two other major economies, Germany and France.

That means fewer deals but bigger round sizes, and particularly the late-stage growth financing rounds are ballooning: in 2016, there were 13 funding rounds higher than €100 million; in 2017, there were 27, a 108% increase. Seven UK-based startups raised over €200 million in 2017.

Also check out our exits report for 2017, which shows a notable decline in (disclosed) M&A transactions for European tech companies.

What else will you be able to learn from the full EU tech funding report for 2017?

– breakdowns of funding rounds per stage, country, quarter, vertical and size disclosure
– analysis of the top 20 funding rounds in 2017, top Series A rounds, etc.
– insights, medians and average of EU tech funding rounds per stage
– a deep look at the number of deals, and funding rounds sizes per geography
– an overview and analysis of the most active investors in European tech companies
– a detailed analysis of the UK, Germany, Sweden, France and Israel
– our informed predictions on the future of European tech funding

Buy the report now for only £150 and get in touch with questions or comments.

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