SwiftKey founder Ben Medlock on how AI tech can make typing ‘fun’, London and the company’s plans for the future (video interview)


There are a host of companies out there working on technology to improve and speed up the typing process on wearable connected devices such as smartphones and tablets, but arguably one of the most successful startups tackling this space is London-headquartered SwiftKey.

After amassing a ton of users and fans with its ‘better keyboard’ for Android devices, there was intense anticipation for SwiftKey’s iOS product, which was possible only after Apple started allowing third-party keyboard apps starting from iOS 8 last September.

We recently caught up with one of the startup’s founders, Dr. Ben Medlock, for a video interview at the Web Summit in Dublin to talk about SwiftKey’s successful debut on iOS (1 million downloads in 24 hours).

Medlock also discussed the artificial intelligence technology and science that he says differentiates SwiftKey from competitors, building a global company with now more than 160 staff out of London and what the startup has in store for 2015 (which includes “exploring some new ideas”).

Enjoy the interview and, once again, sorry for the background noise.

Featured image credit: SwiftKey

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