Tip tapping – 5 European startups that want to help you type better

Charmaine Li

Charmaine Li

Senior editor and writer at Tech.eu. Previously, she was an editor at VentureVillage and contributing writer at BetaKit. Originally from Toronto (Canada), Charmaine now lives and works in Berlin.

Whether it’s on mobile or a desktop, the keyboard has become a crucial tool in the way we interact with others and express ourselves.

Just think about how we use emojis and emoticons… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some, it’s highly probable that we spend more time using a keyboard to communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings than our mouths. This leaves room for companies to enter this realm and innovate – especially now that Apple has opened up to support third-party keyboard apps.

In case you’re looking to explore new keyboard options, here’s some European startups that want to tap into the way you type:

1) SwiftKey

SwiftKeyHeadquarters: London, UK

Gist: Founded in 2008, SwiftKey is a fast-growing British startup that’s built a mobile keyboard for Android and iOS aiming to help people type and communicate more efficiently and effectively. The company has raised over $20 million in funding from Accel Partners and Index Ventures among others.

2) Themeboard

ThemeboardHeadquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

Gist: Developed by German software-cum-design firm Taphive, Themeboard is an iOS app that lets users customize their keyboard by tapping into designs submitted by its community of mostly designers/illustrators. The company has also partnered with the European Space Agency to offer special themes.

3) Ginger Software

gingerHeadquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Gist: Founded in 2007, Ginger is a keyboard tool that aims to help users write quicker and more accurately in English on mobile (Android and iOS) and web. In May 2014, chipmaking giant Intel bought Ginger’s personal assistant platform for reportedly $30 million.

4) OftenType

oftentypeHeadquarters: Kiev, Ukraine

Gist: If you’re sick of typing the same logins, phrases and words repeatedly, OftenType might be worth a try. The iOS custom keyboard app wants to help users save time by enabling a “quick keys keypad” so you can tap one button to type things such as your name, email or address.

5) Siine

siineHeadquarters: London, UK / Barcelona, Spain

Gist: Founded in 2007, Siine (pronounced ‘sign) has a built an Android keyboard app that lets users customize their keyboard and create shortcut keys so that the interface can adapt to your personal way of typing.


Featured image credit: D. Hammonds / Shutterstock

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