Next up in our 'To The Point' series of brief, topical 'webinar'-style events is a dive into 'sunny Cyprus', aside from an attractive tourist destination also a place where a wide variety of tech scale-ups from around the globe have decided to plant their flags.

Together with our partner, Invest Cyprus, we will explore the island's innovation ecosystem as it continues to grow up along with the rest of Europe. We will look into the country's entrepreneurship pros and cons together with a curated selection of speakers with inside knowledge - so you don't have to.

As per usual for our To The Point events, the session(s) will be completely free of charge - sign up here if you're interesting in checking it out. The event will take place (online) on Wednesday, June 16th, from 11AM until noon CEST.

Cyprus enjoys a rich history, a mild climate and an advantageous location at the crux of the busy shipping and air routes linking the continent together with Africa and Asia.

But is that enough to compete globally for the best founders in tech looking to scale up internationally, and does it have an ecosystem in place to nurture its own entrepreneurs?

Let's find out, together with a number of esteemed speakers, including:

Stay tuned for more confirmed speakers, but don't let that stop you from registering early!