Forget the ‘lean startup’ methodology for building new businesses – we’ve adopted the ‘Leen startup’ approach.

Say hello and welcome to Leen Segers (@Leenus), our brand new COO, who will henceforth take charge of our business development, media partnerships, marketing and other operational activities. Basically, Leen joined (earlier this week) to shift into second gear.

To date, we’ve focused 100% on creating unique quality content that we can be proud of, but this is something we can’t keep doing forever without building a sustainable business around it. We’re new entrants in the digital publishing space, but we have big plans for growth and Leen will play an instrumental role in our continued expansion.

Leen started her career as consultant for Accenture but quickly saw the light and joined Netlog – once one of Europe’s most promising startups and a massively popular social network at its peak – in 2007 to develop a marketing strategy that propelled the company to new heights.

She was responsible for Netlog’s marketing and strategic partnerships, particularly media and entertainment related, until 2011 when she moved to London to head Netlog’s operations as country manager. She left Netlog in 2012 to join open-source video technology company Kaltura to head their business development efforts in the EMEA region, and nearly a year ago made the jump to video technology company Saffron Digital as Sales Manager EMEA.

She’s now seen the light once more, jumping on board the train as our first full-time hire.

On a personal note, I’ve known Leen for many years and was always impressed with the way she conducted business as a media and marketing executive for the technology companies she helped grow. She’s a wicked smart woman and works hard – I’m absolutely delighted that she decided to move back to Brussels and join our small but growing publishing (ad)venture when I asked her.

Leen can be reached at or on Skype (leenlsegers).