Today, we're happy to welcome Neil S W Murray to the team.

For the past year and a half, Neil has been writing data-driven reports, in-depth analyses and interesting company and people profiles for The Nordic Web, which he founded around the same time got started.

His work fits perfectly with what we've set out to do for all of Europe, so we're delighted that Neil has agreed to join our editorial and data analysis team to turn into the single best resource when it comes to the European technology industry. Already, Neil and I recently co-wrote our first paid report, a comprehensive analysis of all the acquisitions, mergers and IPOs in the European tech scene we monitored last year.

I've enjoyed and admired Neil's writings and podcasts, and there are few people who better understand the various tech ecosystems in the Nordics, having been based in Copenhagen for several years.


It was no surprise to me that Neil recently picked up the award for 'Best Startup Journalist in the Nordics' at the Nordic Startup Awards (in a strange twist of fate, I personally handed Neil the award at an evening ceremony two weeks ago in Helsinki).

Needless to say, there's a ton of stuff happening in the Nordic countries, from the more mature tech hubs like Helsinki and Stockholm to other places in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. We'll dive into those regions even deeper henceforth.

Fans of The Nordic Web need not fret. Neil will continue to run and write articles for The Nordic Web specifically, and will continue his fortnightly podcast with Karsten Deppert (you can subscribe on iTunes or SoundCloud). Oftentimes, we'll syndicate The Nordic Web content on (like his interview with Mosaic Ventures' Mike Chalfen) so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Neil is based in London and can be reached on If you can score an invite, you can meet both of us soon at the (amazing looking) Startup Extreme festival in Voss, Norway next week.

Alright now, everyone get back to work. But first, subscribe to our newsletter: