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In today’s show, we talk about funding deals, VC news, shelved IPOs, and much more. The featured interview is with Eva-Maria Meijnen, co-CEO of Plusdental, a German dentistry startup.

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And here are the notes and links for this week’s episode:

🛒Berlin’s Razor Group raises $400 million to buy and scale Amazon Marketplace merchants

🤖 Switzerland’s cyber protection firm Acronis raises more than $250 million, now valued at $2.5 billion

💍 Fitness ring maker Oura raises $100 million

💰 London’s Stride VC raised second £100 million seed fund, hunts for third partner

🌱 Rockstart AgriFood fund closes at €22+ million

🚙 Tallinn’s Bolt shifts into high gear with car-sharing service Bolt Drive

👩‍💻 Klarna to double UK headcount

👮‍♀ Trustly shelves IPO over regulator review

🎙 Interview: Eva-Maria Meijnen, co-CEO of Plusdental

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