Podcast — Interview Special: Jean Marc Feghali (WeWALK) and Tushar Agarwal (HubbleHQ)

Welcome to an interview special episode of our podcast: a format, in which we put together a few pre-recorded conversations with some of the most interesting people of the European startup ecosystem.

In this episode, we’ve prepared two interviews to share with you, covering a wide range of topics, from assistive tech for visually impaired customers to how an office space marketplace has managed to survive the COVID-19 pandemic so far.

You can find the episode embedded below. Subscribe to the podcast today and don’t miss new episodes:

Here are the links to the profiles of our interviewees:

🎙Jean Marc Feghali, R&D lead at WeWALK

🎙Tushar Agarwal, co-founder and CEO at HubbleHQ

We hope you enjoy this special format — please let us know what you think! Feel free to email us with any questions, suggestions, and opinions at or tweet at @tech_eu and @adegeler.

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