Podcast: One French unicorn a week — with Kat Borlongan and Chris O’Brien

Andrii Degeler

Andrii Degeler

Journalist and podcast host based in the Netherlands. Covering all things technology since 2007 for, Engadget, TNW, Ars Technica UK, the Kyiv Post, and more.

The Podcast is a show in which we discuss some of the most interesting stories from the European technology scene and interview leading entrepreneurs and investors from across the region.

In today’s episode, we invited Kat Borlongan and Chris O’Brien to talk about the tech ecosystem in France — just in time for the VivaTech conference set to happen in Paris this week. On the side, we’ve got Robin Wauters and Dan Taylor.

Listen until the end to hear Dan playing the guitar; along the way, you can learn more about the actual French tech model, the omnipresent Bpifrance, the height of the language barrier, and much more. For more French tech goodness, check out the recent piece in our Crossing Borders series: “Scaling up internationally from France: le good, la bad and l’ugly”.

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