An opportunity for startups: Will the EU’s new climate package turn the tide on emissions?

Editor’s note: this a guest post from Tatu Liimatainen, director of EU Public Affairs at Fourtold, an independent consultancy providing strategic communications and reputation counsel to global organisations in the health, science, and technology industries. Startups are already set to drive the green tech boom as the global economy shifts towards smart solutions to the […]

A tax regime for the global economy: What does Tech want?

The European Commission announced this week that it has sidelined ambitious plans for an EU-wide digital tax, following an agreement between G20 Finance ministers that will pave the way for a minimum global cooperate tax rate of 15 percent, likely to impact some of the world’s largest tech firms.  “After many years of discussions and […]

Apple in the EU’s crosshairs: What next for the App Store?

US tech giant Apple is coming under increasing pressure in Brussels after the European Commission recently charged the firm with abusing its dominant position in the music-streaming market, to the detriment of smaller developers seeking to compete on a level playing field. While the Commission’s gripes in this particular case centre on the app market […]