Podcast #116: SoftBank goes shopping in Germany; the state of car sharing in Europe; how ICO white papers are written; is it time to boycott Saudi money; and more

This week, Natalie Novick and Andrii Degeler talk about SoftBank’s confirmed and alleged deals in Germany, European car sharing companies and luxurious experiences connected to some of them, best and worst practices of writing ICO white papers, whether it’s time to start boycotting the money coming from Saudi Arabia, and more.

SpaceUp helps European space tech startups shoot for the stars

The EU Horizon 2020 programme has a broad remit to help support European startups and scale-ups. Now, their mission takes flight with SpaceUp, a comprehensive event series to assist the next generation of European companies in the space sector. To do this, SpaceUp is planning six Space Academies around Europe to connect European space tech startups with the […]