We recently spent a couple of days in a burgeoning startup ecosystem in Spain, where talent is plentiful, wages are relatively low and temperatures are high.
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  • ojgaard

    We are here to: http://www.waremakers.com. Valencia has a lot going for it as you write, and we have not regretted our decision to move our start-up here from Copenhagen. One issue you don’t mention, though, is language skills. We generally need to recruit from abroad as the level of English is generally very low here, also for the younger generation. To solve this problem, moving to Lisbon could be one future scenario for us, as the Portuguese are much better at English.

    • Jose

      Says the man with a grammatical error in his first sentence… Mr Ojgaard you are in true need for some self-exploration…
      Here we can see your company incorporated in Spain back in May this year… https://www.einforma.com/servlet/app/prod/DATOS_DE/EMPRESA/WAREMAKERS-SOCIEDAD-LIMITADA-C_Qjk4ODI0MjIw_de-VALENCIA.html

      Have you had someone check your website and blog?
      We find plenty of grammatical errors in your site prior to your relocation to Spain. I guess it’s easier to hide behind excuses about the locals rather than reflect about a business not performing.

      • ojgaard

        Are you serious? Yes, I know my company incorporated in Spain in May. And yes, you are quite right there is a typo in my comment. But please explain to me what that has to do with the general level of English spoken in Valencia?

        • Álvaro Merle

          Welcome to Valencia Ojgaard. I am happy to hear that is going well for your company and glad you made the right decision!.
          In general the level of english could be better, true. But there are lots of talented professionals who do speak it.
          I happened to have applied (I speak 4 languages) for positions in your company but did not even get interviewed …
          Anyways as I said, wish you guys the best

  • Man, yo’re not gonna get anyone with 600€/month. I mean, it’s possible but people needs at least 1000/mo to have a life.