Tatiana Issaeva, managing partner at Fluent Digital Capital, lists some of the most influential female investors in the European venture capital scene today.
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  • Luca Keresztesi

    Hi Tatiana, thanks for creating this much needed list! Marie-Helene AMETSREITER, who is Partner at Speedinvest (http://speedinvest.com/) would be a great addition.
    Luca keresztesi, Principal at Day One Capital

  • Jack Eadie

    Happy International Women’s Day! Very interesting article outlining the many great female VCs we have in Europe. An important female VC missed from list is Lucile Cornet at Eight Roads: https://eightroads.com/en/team/lucile-cornet

  • Hazel Moore

    Great article. Some other great female investors at partner level include Gina Domanig at Emerald Ventures, Karen McCormick at Beringea and Natalie Tydeman at GMT Communications.

  • Olya Shykhova

    Great selection. You might also consider adding Viktoriya Tigipko, Founding Partner of TA Ventures – https://ua.linkedin.com/in/viktoriyatigipko (90+ companies in portfolio).

  • cyndi

    Love the list, but could we find a better picture representing women in tech besides long fake nails with money or on a computer? Is that the best way we can represent women (and) in tech?

  • Laura Bachrach

    Check out @assiagrazioli just featured in FT Women in Business on.ft.com/1KVTi9c

  • Ciro Spedaliere

    Check also Diana Saraceni, Co-Founder & Former Managing Partner at 360 Capital and now Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Panakes http://www.panakes.it/

  • Tatiana Issaeva

    Thank you everyone for your feedback, comments and additions to the list, it has been noted.

  • Thanks Tatiana Issaeva for sharing with us this list about wonderful women: starting from great examples of persons capable of working hard to achieve their goals, in my opinion this was the best way to celebrate the International Women Day. I consider it a great selection of VCs based on the Countries that today are willing to invest more in Europe. By the way, the first name that came in my mind was Diana Saraceni, already mentioned by Ciro Spedaliere.

  • YC Ng

    Should add Wendy Tan White (EF), YeeMun Thum (Potential VC) and Sarah Turner (Angel Academy) to the list – big proponents to the ecosystem over in London!

  • Emma Phillips

    Great list. Tara Reeves (principal at LocalGlobe) should definitely be up there!

  • Thanks for this very welcome list. One correction: Luciana is a partner at Accel.