Berlin-based gamedev studio Klang raises $8.95 million for its Seed MMO

Berlin-based gamedev studio Klang raises $8.95 million for its Seed MMO

German gamedev startup Klang has secured an $8.95 million Series A funding round led by Northzone, with participation from Makers Fund, Novator, and firstminute capital. The capital injection will support the development of the company's new massively multiplayer online (MMO) title, Seed.

Co-founded by game developers who used to work on the massively successful MMO Eve Online, Klang is now busy building its persistent simulation game that's scheduled to enter the beta testing phase later this year. Dubbed Seed, the MMO offers the players to colonise a planet together.

The main innovation in terms of game mechanics in Seed comes to play when the user logs out of the virtual world. While in traditional MMO's the character would effectively disappear during the time the player is offline, in Seed they'd still live on. In addition to that, each player normally controls not one but 10 characters they can switch between at any time.

The current funding round is the second for the company this year, bringing the total amount of money raised for the development of Seed to $13.95 million.

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