Israeli arcade machine management startup Tigapo raises $1 million

Israeli arcade machine management startup Tigapo raises $1 million

Israeli startup Tigapo that specialises in arcade and vending machine management has landed a $1 million funding round led by Chazen Capital Partners. The company also announced the establishment of a new office in the US.

Tigapo's mobile-first platform connects vending and coin-operated machines to the cloud and analyses data coming from them in real time. This allows the operators to make better decisions regarding proactive maintenance or placement of the machines within an arcade. It also applies AI algorithms to the data in order to set dynamic pricing for the machines and optimise earnings.

The startup claims that its platform “is set to increase vending machines revenue by at least 30 percent.”

“Arcade owners and operators have long been seeking a simple-to-use system that will fully allow them to maximise user game-play while also significantly increasing revenue,” said Tsachi Sayegh, CEO of Tigapo. “Tigapo is that system — our innovative combination of hardware and software is already boosting retention, game-play, and revenue across all of our initial customers in the US and we look forward to rolling out our system country-wide.”

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