Multi-link satellite antenna maker Isotropic Systems raises $37 million

Multi-link satellite antenna maker Isotropic Systems raises $37 million

Reading's maker of multi-link, low-profile satellite antennas, Isotropic Systems has raised $37 million in a Series B funding round. In a nutshell, Isotropic Systems supports the connection between terrestrial systems and the vast amount of satellite deployments now in operation and/or planned for the very near future. Over the past five months, the company has grown its staff by 40%, and the new funding is slated to accelerate the production phase in order to meet the ambitious goal of a commercial launch in 2022. To date, the company has raised approximately $100 million.

Founded in 2013, Isotropic Systems is right in line with the vast number of satellite deployments currently in play. OneWeb, Inmarsat, Intelsat, SpaceX, Amazon, SES, and Telesat all have big plans for their earth-orbiting technologies, but if there’s no way to effectively and efficiently communicate back to home base, well … you see where Isotropic is landing in the sweet spot?

Isotropic’s offer connects to GEO (geostationary), HEO (highly elliptical), MEO (medium earth), and LEO (low earth) orbiting satellites, and uses a patented radio frequency optics technology to enable a multi-beam antenna to simultaneously link with multiple satellites in multiple orbits, all without compromising the performance of each.

As a strong show of support, this round arrives just 7 months since Isotropic’s previous raise and was led by the world’s first listed space tech fund, Seraphim Space Investment Trust. Existing investors AEI HorizonX (the Boeing and AE Industrial Partners join venture), Promus Ventures through its Luxembourg-based space investment fund Orbital Ventures, Firmament Ventures, SES, and the UK Government all continued their support.

"Isotropic Systems is a prime example of why we looked to list our new fund on the London Stock Exchange,” commented Seraphim Space’s James Bruegger. “With its unparalleled ability to simultaneously connect to satellites in different constellations and different orbits, we believe that Isotropic Systems has the technology that will help unlock massive potential growth within the satellite communications market.”

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