In the war for talent, Hofy helps companies compete with home delivery of office equipment, nets $15.2 million

In the war for talent, Hofy helps companies compete with home delivery of office equipment, nets $15.2 million

London-based Hofy has raised $15.2 million in funding and as of today officially emerges from stealth mode. The startup provides high-growth companies, i.e. those with headcounts ranging from 50 to over 1,000 employees, a quick and easy way to deploy and manage physical equipment for remote employees.

If the war for talent wasn’t already prevalent enough, according to a study conducted by Robert Half, 33% of remote workers indicated that they’d rather find another employer than return to the office. Along the same lines, an estimated 22% of the workforce will be working remotely by 2025.

New research from Robert Half shows employees' ideal work environment and feelings about returning to the office full time.

With this in mind, how does an employer stand a chance of standing out? Well, this is where Hofy helps to help out. The platform gives companies the ability to quickly and efficiently get best-in-class hardware and physical office equipment in the hands of their employees at breakneck speed.

With the ability to be integrated into most HRIS platforms (that thing that 99.44% of all HR departments are based around), Hofy can get new employees up and running with laptops, chairs, desks, keyboards, printers, monitors, heck, probably even a coffee maker, for remote workers, no matter where they are in the world. (Has anyone tested setting up a home office in Tristan da Cunha?).

From order to approval to delivery to setup, Hofy can accomplish the entire process in just 5 working days. According to the startup, thanks to their service, they’ve cut the onboarding process down to 15 seconds from 3.5 hours for domestic hires and 6 hours for international hires.

“Improving the remote employee experience is vital to building the workplace of the future,” comments Hofy co-founder and CEO Sami Bouremoum. “The world has shifted from a myriad of local talent pools into a single, increasingly competitive global talent pool. Hofy makes it easy for companies to onboard new hires anywhere in the world by setting up their home offices in just a few clicks – ensuring they feel as excited for their first day, ergonomically comfortable, and productive working remotely as they would in a traditional office, no matter where they’re located.”

Founded in March of 2020, Hofy has already worked with Form3Impalathe NHSStoryblokFrontier and Attest, and helped these companies onboard new hires in 55 countries. The startup has seen revenues increase by 10x and increased its customer base by more than 300% in response to increasing demand for remote work environments. Most interestingly, Hofy has not seen a single customer churn.

The funding round arrives via Stride.VC, Kindred Capital, Activum SG Ventures, TrueSight Ventures, 20 VC, Day One Ventures, and a number of angel investors including Ed Lando and Azeem Azhar.

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