Portuguese proptech disrupting real estate biz lands €1 million to facilitate hassle-free deals

Portuguese proptech disrupting real estate biz lands €1 million to facilitate hassle-free deals

In the time of the Great Resignation, the pandemic has accelerated an entrepreneurial trend. An ever-increasing number of people now want to change their professional and personal lives by creating their own business while working from anywhere, using their smartphones in a flexible model.

Betting big on the new trend is Portugal-based Relive. The digital ecosystem for real estate brokerage has raised €1 million funding. The seed round was led by early-stage VC in Portugal Shilling Founders Fund, and followed by Accel, Bynd, Indico Capital Partners and Portugal Ventures. This fresh funding will help the startup to empower the next generation of millennial real estate entrepreneurs.

Born in the gig economy age of ‘work for yourself, from anywhere’, the Lisbon-based startup founded in October 2020, relies on an all-digital mobile based platform that allows users to create, manage and grow their own real estate business while becoming more efficient and earning bigger commissions, faster.

Following the ‘Uber model’, Relive provides to agents, what Uber provides to drivers – technology and access to a turnkey business model. In less than one year, the company has now over 100 active remote agents, over 100 properties listed and secured more than 50 real estate transactions all across Portugal.

Talking about empowering real estate agents, José Costa Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder, Relive said: “Real estate entrepreneurs are the key to help the end customer on the most important transaction of their lives. By empowering agents to succeed working digitally and efficiently, we can make every real estate transaction simple.”

“Relive is developing a scalable solution for a clear problem faced by a very specific customer profile. The hyper-focused short-term approach sets the foundation to execute a much bigger vision: disrupt one of the largest, most traditional industries in the world,” said Pedro Santos Vieira, managing partner at Shilling.

Relive has also joined Techstars 3-month accelerator programme in Austin, Texas to expand into the American market. Fewer than 1% of the over 17,000 applicants are accepted and Relive was the only Non-American company in 12 selected.

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