After simplifying, organising, and localising complex medical content, Mediately prescribed €7.2 million

Already in use by 10% of European doctors, some 160,000, Mediately checks its pulse, and charts for pan-European expansion with €7.2 million Series A raise.
After simplifying, organising, and localising complex medical content, Mediately prescribed €7.2 million

Ljubljana-based Mediately has raised €7.2 million in a Series A round. The medtech startup aids doctors in making better, more informed decisions by breaking down complex medical content into more digestible literature, and then organises and localises it. The funding will be used to move beyond the company’s existing 8 markets with an aim to now conquer the whole of Europe. To date, Mediately has raised approximately €8.4 million.

There’s no doubt that when it comes to your medical care, you’d prefer to have one sharp cookie checking you out. But let’s be fair, the human brain, for all its wonders, has a limited capacity. See Donald Trump.

But I digress.

With each country’s healthcare systems putting limits on what drugs doctors can prescribe, treatments they can offer, diagnostic steps they can offer patients, all in an incredibly fast-moving and highly complex field, let’s throw those overworked, medical professionals a bone, shall we?

And that’s exactly what Mediately is doing.

With most software options aimed squarely at administrative tasks, Mediately is turning left where others turn right, and arming the active field technicians with equal artillery.

“Doctors should have access to the best decision support in their work, whether they work in a top private clinic or in a remote family doctor office. That’s how the health of patients improves at scale, and that’s where our focus is,” explained CEO Blaž Triglav.

This recipe for success seems to have found a solid base, as Mediately reports that in its active markets, 80% to 90% of all doctors are using the service daily, or 30 times per month on average. 

And now that we’ve got the main course on the table, let’s season things with the fact that Mediately is working with 28 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies, all aligned with the common goal of getting the right treatments to the right patients faster.

Mediately’s €7.2 million Series A funding round was led by Piton Capital, with VentureFriends participating alongside existing investors Silicon Gardens, LAUNCHub Ventures, and various angel investors.

“We have been working closely with Mediately since the early days of the company and have witnessed not only the impressive penetration among European doctors, but also the dedication of the team to the cause of equipping doctors with the best possible software assistance. This can be seen in the immense daily usage of the product in each market,” concluded LAUNCHub Ventures’ GP Stanislav Sirakov.

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