Fly Ventures welcomes Marie Brayer as Partner, strengthens commitment to France with three new investments

Fly Ventures expands its presence in France by welcoming new Partner Marie Brayer, and adds three new companies to the portfolio.
Fly Ventures welcomes Marie Brayer as Partner, strengthens commitment to France with three new investments

Early-stage deep tech and tech-heavy B2B software specialist fund Fly Ventures has announced the appointment of a new Partner, Marie Brayer. Paris-based Brayer, who formerly served at Serena Capital, now adds an extra layer of agility to Fly’s distributed team structure and will aid the firm in spotting emerging talent and leading deals dans La République française.

“Given our specialized investment focus, it was absolutely mandatory for Fly to expand its presence in Paris. France has Europe’s strongest pool of raw math, data science and engineering talent - who are building the future technology-first unicorns,” explained Fly Ventures co-founder Gabriel Matuschka

With a background in finance and an acute interest in engineering, during her five-year stint at Serena Capital, Brayer invested in and was on the board of more than 10 French B2B startups including Descartes Underwriting, Lifen, Malt, and Kili Technology.

Pair this with Fly Ventures’ day zero through seed-stage investments in deep tech focus, et voilà, a match made in heaven is born.

“For sure the most exciting element for me is the team. I’ve worked with Fly via Serena for a few years on the board of Inato and have always been impressed. Having gotten to know them more in-depth over the past few months I’m thrilled to call them my partners,” comments Brayer.

As a demonstration of Fly Ventures’ Francophilia, the company has also added three new companies to the portfolio:

  • Corrily: founded by two former Blackrock data scientists and alumni of the YCombinator, Corrily allows its customers to run price experiments internationally and determine which price points maximize specific KPIs such as new MRR or retention.
  • founded by serial entrepreneur Pascal Petit, Thynk is a seamless verticalized enterprise CRM targeting the hospitality industry.
  • Matcha: founded by 2 former Malt executives, Johan Aradan et Maxime Gaudin, Matcha connects to fragmented data sources (product, marketing, CRM, PSP, etc.) and allows sales team to create machine learning ranked customer segments in minutes with no engineers required.
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