Adding externalised authorisation services to the lineup, OneWelcome acquires Belgium’s Scaled Access

Already offering a host of access management services, OneWelcome has acquired Scaled Access and now adds externalised authorisation to the product lineup.
Adding externalised authorisation services to the lineup, OneWelcome acquires Belgium’s Scaled Access

OneWelcome, the relatively new merger of iWelcome and Onegini, has acquired Belgium-based Scaled Access. Already offering organisations a host of identity and access management services, the addition of Scaled Access will now see externalised authorisation added to the product lineup. The financials of the deal remain undisclosed.

When granting access to external parties, businesses are faced with a variety of challenges. All it takes is letting one nefarious party through the front door, and suddenly companies have a major problem on their hands. Keeping track of who the person is, what they are, and what they have access to provides the bedrock of safety protocols.

To verify these attributes and grant access, European eIDs or bank IDs, identity wallets, and validated attribute providers are the three main sources used.

With a vast amount of information available, and security paramount, where OneWelcome comes into play is by helping organisations including VodafoneZiggo, European Central Bank, Admiral Insurance, Damen Shipyards, and Baloise to orchestrate these procedures.

Where the Scaled Access acquisition further strengthens OneWelcome’s offer is through the addition of its externalised authorisation specialties, a process that sees access control decisions delegated to a decision point that is separated from the application. The service then questions an information point, typically a directory, to determine a user's access rights based on a centrally managed policy.

“We are strengthening our competitive position against American players because, as a European party, we are now even better able to deal with European complexities,” commented OneWelcome CEO Danny de Vreeze.

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