Neurons acquires Greek platforms to take customer prediction to the next level

The acquisition by the Danish company is expected to revolutionise the way brands understand and predict customer behaviour.
Neurons acquires Greek platforms to take customer prediction to the next level

Inching closer to predicting human behaviour in a better manner, Denmark-based applied neuroscience company Neurons has acquired two of its competitors, VisualEyes and Loceye from Greece.

The new buy brings 35,000 new clients with a projected 1,000 more each month and enables the platform to focus on using AI to accurately predict human emotions and sentiments. It boosts the company’s competitive advantage and dramatically increases the growth and accuracy of its customer prediction platform, revolutionising the way brands do business.

The platform’s technology enables organisations to optimise every part of their customer journey from advertising and retail to innovation and beyond. According to the startup, its core product, Predict, is an AI that forecasts customer responses with 95% accuracy. The company’s current client list includes Facebook, TikTok, and Ikea.

By integrating VisualEyes AI models and technologies utilised by Loceye, such as webcam eye tracking and face tracking, Neurons’ products will offer an additional level of usability and give brands a strong competitive edge. Accuracy will increase, as will the speed at which new predictive AI models are created. 

Thomas Zoega Ramsøy, CEO and founder, Neurons said: “For too long companies have relied on retrospective consumer testing or AI technology which requires expert interpretation.  Methods that are too slow and too costly for today’s consumer-driven society.  We’ve changed that by harnessing the power of neuroscience and AI to provide companies with software which allows them to test consumer responses before they go to market.  With the acquisition, we go a step further – giving brands the tools to accurately predict emotional and sentimental responses, what motivates their customers and what they remember.”

Costa Alexoglou, co-founder, VisualEyes, concluded: “Our combined expertise has the power to shake up the way brands do business today, and in the future and we’re excited to see how this natural, trail-blazing partnership develops.” 

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