This Barcelona startup enables businesses unleash insight from unstructured data and rakes in $5.4 million

Nuclia is transforming access to unstructured data with AI-powered search that anyone can integrate in minutes, tapping into all their video, audio, and text
This Barcelona startup enables businesses unleash insight from unstructured data and rakes in $5.4 million

Between 80 to 90 percent of any company’s data is unstructured, in the form of text, video, audio, and more. Ingesting, processing and indexing this data in different formats, from different data sources and encompassing multiple languages with different conceptual structures, is among the biggest challenges in search today. Meeting even a small part of this challenge has taken hundreds of engineers and millions of machines worth of computation over decades.

Barcelona-based startup Nuclia is attempting to tackle this problem by enabling developers to integrate AI-powered search in minutes for any data and for any data source and has raised $5.4 million in funding to do so. The seed round was led by Crane Venture Partners and Ealai. The platform has also rolled out its cloud native database, NucliaDB.

The deep tech Spanish platform claims its API is enabling developers to integrate AI-powered search by normalising unstructured data, including video and audio content, and extracting value by using its Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Eudald Camprubí, CEO and co-founder, Nuclia said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be building the cutting-edge technology that will change how humans access information.”

Ramon Navarro, co-founder and CTO, Nuclia added: “Nuclia can transform the way businesses extract value from data and how data can inform the way we live. It is designed to be easy for anyone to use and fast enough that anyone can increase their understanding of their data in minutes.”

“Imagine being taken to the exact time in a video or podcast, or the exact block in a PDF or presentation, that has the content you are looking for. And then go a step further, searching not only for content, but also concepts,” said Aneel Lakhani, venture partner, Crane.

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