Unicorn spotting in Brussels: These are the biggest European scale-ups joining us for the Tech.eu Summit

Now that we've published the agenda for the upcoming Tech.eu Summit, let's have a look at which founders of European tech unicorns will be there to share best practices and insights into building scaleable businesses for the long term.
Unicorn spotting in Brussels: These are the biggest European scale-ups joining us for the Tech.eu Summit

The agenda for the first edition of the Tech.eu Summit is out, and let's call it like it is, the speaker line-up is pretty stellar.

As we gear up for a day chock-full of inspiration and education, here's an overview of European tech unicorns and scale-ups who will be dropping knowledge bombs across our two stages.

First up, we'll have Kristo Käärmann, co-founder and CEO of (Transfer)Wise shine a light on its dazzling journey in a conversation with Ivan Levingston, tech reporter at Bloomberg. From a tiny Estonian startup founded in 2011 to a company currently trading on the London Stock Exchange at a valuation of $7 billion and change, there's bound to be a lot of lessons in this one.

Next, veteran reporter Amy Guttman will be grilling two founders about the future of moving things - and people. David Nothacker, co-founder and CEO of sennder (valued at $1 billion+) will be sharing the stage with Fredrik Hjelm, co-founder and CEO of micro-mobility giant Voi (valued at $1 billion+) to discuss the future of mobility and green transport.

The gentlemen will also be joined by Jennifer Jacobs Dungs, Global Head of Mobility at EIT InnoEnergy, who spent over 20 years in the automotive industry, including at Ford, BMW and Porsche. 

What do startups need to know about scaling up internationally?

Find out from Rodolphe Ardant, co-founder and CEO of fresh fintech unicorn Spendesk, Samuel Mueller who is the co-founder and CEO of Scandit (valued at $1 billion+) and Baltic fintech phenom TWINO's CEO, Anastasija Oleinika.

Speaking of scaling up, how do you manage to maintain a healthy sustainable culture in your teams when you're growing at hyper-speed?

Learn from Glovo CTO Narek Verdian as the company writes history books in Spain, and from Åsa Liden, the chief operating officer at Pitch, as the Berlin startup goes from strength to strength.

And what a treat to also host Heini Zachariassen, founder, board member, Chief Evangelist and former CEO of Vivino, the global wine marketplace we all know and love.

We've also put together a panel with no less than 3 unicorn founders and CEOs, to dig deeper into how to build sustainable tech scale-ups in Europe: Ali Niknam of bunq (valued at €1.6 billion), Olivier Pailhes who is leading the charge at Aircall (valued at $1 billion+) and Zhong Xu from Deliverect (valued at $1.4 billion).

Zhong isn't the only Belgian scale-up founder on stage, btw, Isomer Capital's Chris Wade will be dissecting the growth story of Brussels-based e-bike maker COWBOY with co-founder Tanguy Goretti.

Growth you said? Learn from the best on scaling your business, revenue and user base from three stellar ladies: Yasmin Moaven, CMO at Pipe (valued at $2 billion), Chloé Mayenobe who is the Chief Growth Officer at Solarisbank (valued at $1.7 billion), and Laura Warnier, who fulfils the same role over at Austrian €3 billion-worth edtech GoStudent.

We're not done yet.

Interested in web3, the metaverse, NFTs and crypto? We've got you covered.

Cue Sébastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox (rumoured to be raising at a $4 billion valuation), who will offer some help in navigating the metaverse together with Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Metaverse Producer at high-profile non-profit Decentraland.

Journalist extraordinaire Monty Munford will be discussing NFTs ('beyond the hype') with Brian O'Hagan, the head of growth at high-flying scale-up Sorare (last valued at $4.3 billion), Metav.rs CEO Simon Foucher and Marguerite de Tavernost, who mades waves when she left the life of VC investing to become a visual/NFT artist.

On all things crypto, we're excited to welcome to our main stage Stephane Gantchev of LAUNCHub Ventures, one of the most active investors in this space, alongside Irina Scarlat, Chief Growth Officer at Bitpanda (valued at $4 billion+) and Ruben Merre, co-founder & CEO of the very promising Belgian scale-up NGRAVE. They will be expertly moderated by Joon Ian Wong, who has reported on crypto since 2013 and was a reporter at CoinDesk where he built its flagship conference, Consensus.

Ludwig Siegele, European Business Editor at The Economist, will be taking a deep dive on Europe's quest for tech/data sovereignty together with Scaleway CEO Yann Lechelle (who's got something to say about this), cloud veteran Sébastien Marotte who's currently the President of Box's EMEA operations, and Janer Gorohhov, co-founder of newly minted Estonian unicorn Veriff.

And that's just a selection of what will be going down on our main stage.

Check out the full programme to see what else we have in store!

And if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, now's the time - the early-bird offer runs our this weekend so act fast.

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