New climate tech-focused fund Kiko Ventures launches with a healthy $450 million in hand

Throwing off the traditional fund structures and the need to adhere to the commercial agendas of corporate venture capital, Kiko Ventures says they can do things differently.
New climate tech-focused fund Kiko Ventures launches with a healthy $450 million in hand

London’s got a(nother) new climate tech VC firm in town, Kiko Ventures (previously known as Transition Ventures), which comes armed with a hearty $450 (£375) million. The fund is aimed at supporting climate tech startups across the board, ranging from Seed and/or Series A/B, right on through to an IPO. According to the firm, over the next five years, it will leverage IP Group’s flexible, evergreen capital platform to deploy £200 million.

Kiko Ventures’ is led by IP Group cleantech team veterans Robert Trezona and Jamie Vollbracht, whose track record includes investments in Ceres Power, First Light Fusion, and Oxbotica, alongside Arne Morteani, whose expansive career includes 14 years with EFT Partners.

According to the firm they have already invested in several companies, but declined to name them.

“I believe in the transformative power of climate technologies and have worked my whole career to elevate ideas from the lab into practical usable solutions that can make our world a better place,” commented Trezona. “We’ve launched Kiko to unleash the full power of human ingenuity by uniting ideas, expertise and capital to unlock a sustainable future. To do this, we’ve created an investment model of truly flexible capital that empowers change, rather than hindering it.”

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