Saleshub acquires ExactVisitor and Techtracker, merges to become Demand, and raises $6.3 million in the process

Three brands now merge to operate under one umbrella: Demand. Meanwhile, the company has raised $6.3 million and remained bootstrapped in the process. Here's how.
Saleshub acquires ExactVisitor and Techtracker, merges to become Demand, and raises $6.3 million in the process

Zug, Switzerland-based Saleshub has acquired ExactVisitor, and Techtracker, merged all three brands to become Demand, and raised $6.3 million while remaining bootstrapped in the process (more on that below). According to Demand founder and CEO Jesper Qvist, Demand is, “the most affordable way for a B2B company to target, identify, and acquire your next customer.”

3-in-1? But why?

Well, after speaking with countless numbers of customers, Demand determined that what sales teams really want is a unified process for landing new customers and the ability to sync them all to their CRM when booking crucial meetings.

Not exactly a USP, however, Demand is looking to go well beyond just a booking and CRM add-on. As part of the merger of the three companies, they’re looking to build more than just a tool, but a bona fide methodology, one that boils down to optimising customer acquisition costs.

And how?

Well, they won’t exactly give away the secret sauce, but explained, “Online ads are a small part of a company's strategy, but also the most expensive. Data shows that only 10% of your target market will ever potentially see the ads. This in layman's terms means you are leaving out 90% of your market if you don't use Demand.”

Raised $6.3 million AND still bootstrapped?

Well, yes and no. Technically, what the company has done is relocated its HQ to Switzerland, and after posting a $6.3 million profit after tax, they’ve rolled 100% of it over into future growth plans rather than profit distribution. 

If we’re to look at this number in terms of a valuation, Demand says that considering the VC’s that have expressed interest (their words, not mine), month-on-month growth rate, profit, and costs, they’re quoting a number around $220 million. Again, this is according to Demand, but either way, $6.3 million at a $220 million (speculative) valuation ain’t too shabby for a bootstrapped firm that’s been around since 2014.

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