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Would you move jobs for these perks?

In the war for talent, the tech industry is turning to increasingly lush benefits. Here are three companies hiring right now that are offering far more than just a job.
Would you move jobs for these perks?

For the first time since before the 2008 recession, job seekers have found themselves in the driving seat of the labour market. 

The Great Resignation has seen companies struggle to find talent and so they’re, quite literally, throwing money at the problem by paying higher salaries to new hires and attempting to retain existing talent with extra benefits and perks. 

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the tech industry, which already has a reputation for offering extra-good perks. Today’s workforce wants more than money, however: they also want to feel valued and appreciated, and that their contribution is making a difference. Tech giants such as Google and Meta were the first to offer free food and other onsite amenities such as childcare, concierge services, and gyms to employees – but is this enough to attract and keep staff, or do tech companies need to try harder? 

Posh perks

Setting the bar higher than ever is Capital One Bank, which recently opened The Perch at its Virginia HQ. The Perch is a 2.5-acre rooftop park and golf course that can be used by Capital One employees. The site includes a large grass lawn which is used for outdoor fitness classes such as yoga and Pilates. For brainstorming and recreational purposes, the area contains a beer garden with an amphitheatre, food trucks – craned onto the roof – and the obligatory rum bar, which of course serves a selection of frozen drinks and classic tiki cocktails. 

Elsewhere, French startup Ekie is adopting a more practical approach and including access to legal services in all of its employee compensation packages, with the benefit being available for a wide variety of legal issues. Some of the most common are based around property, personal finance, and most recently, staff could utilise legal services to claim refunds which arose on the back of Covid cancellations. 

One of the most popular trends among companies both inside and outside the tech industry is to acknowledge that employees have lives outside work. Companies are beginning to offer employer support around areas such as fertility, childcare, family growth, and mental health within assistance schemes and benefits packages, and for employees, these are the perks making a difference. 

So what companies provide the best perks? We’ve rounded up three tech companies below which have set themselves apart - and you can discover plenty more companies hiring now on the Tech.Eu Job Board


With a corporate mission based on creating an inclusive global community, it’s no surprise that Airbnb offers employees some of the best perks to be had within the tech industry. There’s the free onsite food and snacks plus flexible hybrid working, as well as a generous leave allowance, ongoing learning and development opportunities, and free medical cover.

Where Airbnb really sets itself apart is the generous $2,000 travel allowance given annually, but paid quarterly, to staff so that they can become part of the Airbnb global community. Want to work at Airbnb? It is currently hiring for a number of positions including Senior Security Engineer and an Offline Risk Intelligence Lead. Check out other available vacancies at Airbnb.


Dedicated to helping people find their perfect role, Indeed is equally as dedicated to supporting its 11,500 staff members through a wide variety of benefits and perks. Some of the perks include family forming support including financial assistance for fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, and assistance when returning to work. However, the feather in Indeed’s cap is its policy of open paid time off. Indeedians are able to take as much paid time off as they want, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact their productivity or team. Indeed is currently recruiting for dozens of positions including Senior Software Engineer and Security Analysts. Explore all available roles at Indeed.    


Tech giant PayPal employs over 30,000 people globally and yet still manages to offer perks and benefits that make employees feel appreciated. Traditional perks such as medical cover, pension options, and employee support systems are in place but so too are benefits like a four-week sabbatical after five years of service, free access to the Calm app to encourage better sleep, and subsidised commute expenses. Innovative options, including free onsite massages, access to fitness classes, and best of all, discounts on products across a wide range of items such as rental cars and hotels are also on offer. Paypal currently has openings at all levels, from Director of Global Payroll to Marketing Coordinator with several Revenue Ops Manager positions available as well. Check out all available roles at PayPal.  

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