Announcing the first 14 confirmed speakers for the 2023 edition of the Summit

Because once is never enough, we’re excited to be returning to the iconic Brussels Expo on 24 May 2023 to bring you the second edition of the Summit.
Announcing the first 14 confirmed speakers for the 2023 edition of the Summit

With everything from a star-studded speaker lineup to networking and discussions that have gone on long after the curtain call, over 1,800 leaders, thinkers, and doers joined us in Brussels last year to take part in our inaugural Summit in Brussels.

Based on the resounding success of the event and the outcomes we've experienced ourselves and heard from afar, we’re excited to be returning to the iconic Brussels Expo once again on 24 May 2023 to do it all over again.

And, if you're in the mood for a bargain, good news - super early bird tickets are now on sale. They make excellent holiday gifts!

Building the Future

Europe’s innovation ecosystems continue to develop, expand, contract, evolve, and transform. However, segments and industries are doing so at different rates, and because no entity is an island unto itself, they’re all interconnected, and dependent upon each other in one way or another.

While it’s next to impossible what will happen next, under the banner of Building the Future, we’re mounting a forum that aims to arm our attendees with the most up-to-date and accurate information and facilitate discussions crucially needed to address the challenges of today and tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow.

On 24 May 2023, hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, policymakers, academics, and journalists will convene in Brussels to speak, to listen, to learn, and in some cases debate about where we’re at, where we’re heading, and how Europe can rise to the challenge of Building the Future.

Our first 14 confirmed speakers:

  • Miki Kuusi - CEO @Wolt
  • Anne Mettler - Vice President, Europe @Breakthrough Energy
  • Jan Goetz - CEO & Co-founder @IQM Quantum Computers
  • Ripsy Bandourian - Head of Europe @Plaid
  • Henrik Landgren - Co-founder and CPTO @Ark Kapital
  • Yvonne Bajela - Partner @LocalGlobe
  • Harjas Singh - Co-founder and CPO @Shares
  • Maarten Bosch - Chief Executive Officer @Mosa Meat
  • Nora Bavey - General Partner @Unconvential Ventures
  • Bobby Healy - CEO & Founder @Manna Drone Delivery
  • Elena Pantazi - Partner, Talent and Portfolio Development @Northzone
  • Hussein Kanji - Partner @Hoxton Ventures
  • Cathy White - Founder and CEO @CEW Communications
  • Jean-Charles Velge - Co-Founder @Qover

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding more and more exciting and inspiring speakers to the full line-up, so stay tuned!

Get in touch with us via [email protected] to discuss partnership and sponsorship opportunities with our team.

And, just in case you missed last year's event ...

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