In the midst of a bear market, hrtech startup Welcome to the Jungle claws in €50 million

Parisian hrtech startup Welcome to the Jungle clearly DOES have more than just fun and games.
In the midst of a bear market, hrtech startup Welcome to the Jungle claws in €50 million

Paris-based multichannel media company Welcome to the Jungle has raised €50 million in a Series C funding round that will see the guns not only aimed at Europe but additionally, the roses that are US shores.

The band’s €50 million Series C round was provided by Alexandre Mars’ B-Corp certified blisce/, Cipio Partners, Groupe ADP, Kostogri, and RAISE Sherpas via Phiture, its philanthropic unit, who now join participating historic backers Revaia, XAnge, and BPIfrance via its fund Digital Ventures.

Given the current state of affairs; layoffs, strikes, etm., the timing of announcing a €50 million raise is either tone-deaf or spot on. Looking at the company’s track record and both its historic and new backers, I’m inclined to lean more toward the latter.

Founded in 2015, Welcome to the Jungle provides clients, both companies and recruiters, with a service that aims to reveal their unique culture, listen to the needs of their current and future employees, and build more lasting, more sincere, more human relationships with them. 

Perhaps more succinctly said, Welcome to the Jungle is aiming to provide the answer to that all-important question of ‘beneath the 9 to 5, what’s it really like to work here?’ and ‘Am I just another brick in the wall, or will my work actually make a meaningful difference?’

As we all know, business, much like life, works in cycles. Right now we’re experiencing the ebb of what was a monumental flow. And while no one can predict the duration of the ebb, the wise employers are looking well beyond tomorrow’s headlines and preparing to be poised to leap the minute the flow begins showing signs.

When it comes to the how and why investors are choosing now to dump capital into a recruitment service in the middle of a bear market, Cipio Partners’ Managing Partner Roland Dennert explains, “We are pleased to begin this partnership with Welcome to the Jungle. Its proven business model has stood the test of time and is continually reinventing itself. We strongly believe in the service's global growth potential and are delighted to be backing their mission and helping make it a reality.”

Welcome to the Jungle counts over 5,000 customers worldwide accounting for some €30 million in ARR, employs over 300 individuals in offices in Paris and Prague, and has raised €79 million to date.

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