Truly using the data: Flawless helps organisations identify and resolve incidents, emerges from stealth with $1 million

As opposed to sales and finance teams, operations crews are often using either custom-built solutions to keep things on the up and up, or worse yet, Excel. Flawless thinks it's time to change that.
Truly using the data: Flawless helps organisations identify and resolve incidents, emerges from stealth with $1 million

London-based Flawless emerges from stealth today armed with $1 million in pre-seed capital provided by Picus Capital. The self ‘described data activation platform’ offers a no-code solution for managing, and perhaps more importantly, actually leveraging the heaps of data already present in, well, just about every business on today’s pitch.

When we look at organisations operating in the last-mile delivery sector, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, there are a lot of plates that need to be kept spinning so that all the customer sees is ‘click, on its way, delivered’.

Given the seemingly magical backend operations that are happening behind that smiling driver’s ‘your order has been delivered’, it should come as no surprise that rarely do things go according to plan, with teams often having to resort to any number of quick fixes and/or inefficient patches that include regular dashboard checks and the refreshing of Excel sheets ad nauseam.

If you’re as surprised as I was about this modus operandi, in an interview Flawless CEO and co-founder Zoltán Patai explained, “It’s also surprising to me because I was working with lots of ops-heavy companies, both with Delivery Hero and as a consultant. 

Operations are usually using custom tools. So it's not like sales, who are using CRMs like Salesforce, and finance teams are using ERPs like SAP. Ops tools are usually a custom build for that specific company and in that case, in order to create such a system you would have needed to integrate all the customer applications which wouldn't have been scalable. 

Our approach is that we’ve integrated databases and data warehouses because there is this trend that companies are moving their data into the cloud, into centralised data sources, and now, there is a chance to be a scalable business on this.”

But this isn’t just a pie-in-the-sky idea, as Flawless has already run closed-beta testing already counts Romanian food delivery firm Tazz by Emag, UK watch marketplace Subdial, and US healthcare startup Belle as clients, noting that they can help organisations save up to five hours per week per employee on average.

On the investment, Picus Capital Partner Oliver Heinrich comments, “Even in 2023, most operations teams still use Excel and it's high time to change that. We believe that Flawless is on a great track to disrupt this exciting market, and we are really happy to partner with such an experienced team.”

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